Mastermind Group for Successful Investing

The Game

The Gameboard:
The gameboard has 2 tracks: The "Rat Race", and the "Fast Track". The Rat Race is where most of us are, we have a J.O.B. to make money, so we can pay the bills, in order to have a house, a family, and a car the takes us to our J.O.B., and on and on it goes.
The goal of the game is to use your money wisely in order to be able to Get Out of the Rat Race. In order to do this, the gameboard provides you with spaces named Opportunity, there you will choose if you want to do a Big Deal or a Small Deal. Also you get paid everytime you PASS the Paycheck space (but you have to ask for it!). There are also spaces named The Market, these will tell you what's going on in the Market so you can buy or sell accordingly. The other spaces... well they make the game fun and challenging!
The Financial Statement:
The financial statement is where you will record each transaction in order to see if your spending your money wisely or if you're getting deeper into the Rat Race!
There are 2 components that have to add up correctly:  The Income & Expenses, and the Asstes & Liabilities (it's not as complicated as it sounds!). In simple terms These are Money that comes in (Income), and Money that goes out (Expenses); and the Items that PRODUCE money for you (Assets), and your DEBT (Liabilities).
In order to be able to Get Out of the Rat Race, you must spend you money wisely so you can make your Passive Income bigger than your Total Expenses. (it's not as complicated as it sounds!). And thus, moving into the Fast Track.